September 2018: Extended Access - Now Open!

The Extended Access service for evening and weekend routine GP appointments is now open! We have four hubs covering Cambridge, Ely and surrounding villages.

Please see for more information.


May 2018: Extended Access

We are delighted to announce that CGPN have been commissioned to provide an interim service during which patients, practices, the Federation and the CCG will be learning how  extending routine primary care into the evenings and weekends works best for our local healthcare system. This service will be launched later in 2018 and we look forward to sharing more details in the near future.


May 2018: Clinical Pharmacists Scheme Wave 2

Following the success of the first wave of recruitment we are pleased to announce that CGPN have successfully bid for funding for a second wave of recruitment and have recruited a further 3 pharmacists to work across 7 practices. Thank you again to all the practices supporting this scheme.


January 2018: Clinical Pharmacists Scheme

CGPN has successfully secured funding for 2 clinical pharmacists and co-ordinated the recruitment of a further 5 clinical pharmacists to work alongside clinical teams in 18 GP practices in and around Cambridge, thank you to all the practices who have signed up to participate in this scheme. Prescribing and medication management makes up a significant amount of the clinical workload in GP practices and we are confident that this will contribute towards the improvement of patient safety and patient experience, as well as easing the day to day workload pressures on GP teams.

We anticipate that this will be a huge success and hope to expand the scheme to other practices in the future.


March 2017: Community Education Provider Network

CGPN have secured funding for setting up a Community Education Provider Network (CEPN). CEPNs are a new way of organising the management of learning in primary care and are intended to give local providers of education greater control over the distribution of and funding for, learners and placements in primary care.

Please follow this link to the Training Hub page for updates.